“Muslims Fear of the Australian Society”


“How disappointed I was to hear that today, so many people pulled (from not coming to the Talk on 15th December 2013) because there was music and dancing.”

So what happens now is parents putting so much pressure on their kids to succeed like Sister Aminah said. We have a fear of Australian society.

How disappointed I was to hear that today, so many people pulled because there was music and dancing and people are not going to celebrate Anzac Day because ‘it’s an Australian custom and we can’t follow Australian custom’. We have a fear, a complete fear, amongst some of our leaders about being involved in Australian society. We want them to recognise our Eid, we would want to celebrate our Eid at the malls, and we don’t want Christmas carols being played in a predominately Muslim area. We want but we are not prepared to give. We want to be recognised to wear the hijab, to have jobs, to be able to have Muslim politicians but we would not want to give a return and say ‘okay, well this is a multicultural society and I can live with that’. “I can send a Merry Christmas to my co-worker and my co-worker can say Happy Eid’’.

What’s fair is fair. You cannot expect people to do for you what you’re not going to do for them but we have a fear, a real fear. You’re going to lose your Islam if you send a Merry Christmas, this is crazy. We have an assumption automatically we are Muslims and we are better than the Aussies because they’re kuffar, how arrogant is that? This has no place in Islam. We also have an ignorance of Islam and Islamic ethics. Islamic ethics runs really, really deep. Someone who is very ethical, if they say they’d be there at a certain time, they will be there at that time. If you ask them to look after something for you or you ask them to do something for you, they will do it no matter what.

Alhamdulillah, I had a Muslim sister who came up to me at a conference last year and she said ‘I borrowed a pot from you 12 years ago and I’ve never seen you to give it back’ I said ‘ don’t worry sister, you can keep the pot it’s okay’. That’s an Islamic attitude where you take an amanah for your community and we don’t have enough of this. Look here, look at what Sister Ida’s doing and yet how many people have supported her good venture? It’s disappointing; it’s disappointing the attitude that we have in our community that we don’t understand enough about our own Islam.

So if we look at the example of great visionaries after the Prophet SAW and the Caliphs, we have Omar who took over Jerusalem, who was so ethical in what he did. He went out into the streets at night to see if people were hungry and he set up systems of law and order which were right to many parts of the world, tackling very big issues that we faced at that time in the Muslim world. You’ve got Sultan Mehmed the Second, who was prophesized by the Prophet SAW when he was going to invade Constantinople. He was going to be the person who takes the Byzantines; in fact I visited up in the mountains in Turkey and I saw the places where the Saints went in the hills, overlooking the path where the Prophet SAW said Mehmed where he would come through to conquer Constantinople and many of the Saints were buried just waiting for the prophesized, great leader who would come through.

They didn’t get to see him and died but those people who were alive at the time saw what he did. These are visionaries; these are the people we need to look at. How do they do things? How do they structure things? The Ottomans had a brilliant system of education and schooling. These are the things we need to turn to, look at the things of what’s been done successfully and try to learn from it, incredible visionaries that existed there.

King Alfonso worked with the Maimonides and also worked with the Muslims at the time. Great scholars worked together and discussed philosophy and medicine and many different areas. We can do that again, we should be doing that again; this is the time for it. Of course we’ve got Omar Bin Abdul Aziz, who was very generous in the way he brought about tax reforms and help people. He established fantastic works, let’s look at our history and celebrate it and bring those into our Muslim schools. He was one of the first to be put together the collection of Hadiths.

(Presented  by Sr Silma Ihram at the Talk on the Islamic Education in the West and Cultural Showcases on 15th Dec 2013/12 Safar 1435H @ Curtin University, Perth)